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2010-08-16 10:14:27 by experimentg

Well, it's less than a week until I'm going away, to a music school thing.

Hope it's fun, well.... wont be as boring as design school!

anyways, more music still to come, and such.... haha, get it still to come, haha...... only me who thought that was fun?.... yeah, so.......

And BTW. anyone who wants to trade music for flash and such, like you make me a music video, and I'll make you a theme song, or something?

Vacation is over

2010-07-26 14:22:32 by experimentg

Well, I'm back from my vacation in Creta, it was really nice, though the sun burned me pretty bad... but with cheap alcohol and hot girls, i didn't even think about it. So I have returned with more musical ideas, and alcohol.
So many ideas, so much time, it's looking good!

And yeah, thats me!

Damn, I look cheezy......

Vacation is over

Experimental Ground

2010-06-23 16:39:36 by experimentg

(Semi) Electronic Music with BALLS